Welcome to SecureCheats, your trusted source for advanced War Thunder hacks that ensure victory in every battle! War Thunder is not just about historical battles and varied combat scenarios; it’s about outsmarting and outperforming opponents across the globe. With our expertly crafted hacks, you gain a decisive advantage in air, land, and sea engagements. Whether it’s improving your aiming accuracy, expanding your situational awareness, or providing critical information about enemy positions, SecureCheats gives you the tools to excel.

War Thunder is an exhilarating multiplayer game that immerses players in the diverse and intense battlefields of World War II and modern warfare. As you face off against players from around the globe, the difference between victory and defeat often hinges on skill, strategy, and sometimes, a little extra help from SecureCheats.

The complexity of War Thunder demands not only skill but a deep tactical understanding. Our hacks cut through the noise, allowing you to focus on strategic gameplay and team coordination. SecureCheats helps you to rapidly master different vehicles and combat tactics, reducing the grind and boosting the fun.

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War Thunder Featured Product Options

We have a variety of different product options for you to choose from. Each one includes our full cheat for War Thunder with all of our extensive features. Choose from 1-day, 7-day or 30-day access. Upon purchase, you will receive a list of instructions to get setup within minutes. Our support is also always available to assist if you need any additional help.

War Thunder license options for hack product


War Thunder Hack: 1-Day License

War Thunder license options for hack product


War Thunder Hack: 7-Day License

War Thunder license options for hack product


War Thunder Hack: 30-Day License

Why Choose War Thunder Hacks from SecureCheats?

SecureCheats stands out as your best choice for War Thunder hacks due to these key advantages:

Advanced Stealth Technology – Our hacks are equipped with the latest stealth technology, ensuring they remain undetectable by War Thunder’s anti-cheat systems. Play with confidence knowing your account is safe.
24/7 Customer Support – Experience unparalleled support with our 24/7 help desk. Whether you have a query or need assistance with setup, our friendly team is always just a message away, ready to assist you any time of the day.

Performance Optimization – Enjoy a seamless gaming experience as our cheats are optimized for low impact on your system’s performance, ensuring smooth gameplay without lags or disruptions.
Tactical Superiority Tools – Gain a competitive edge with exclusive tools like real-time strategic overlays and enemy trajectory tracking, designed specifically for enhancing tactical gameplay in War Thunder.

Regular Proactive Updates – We proactively update our cheats in alignment with new game patches and updates, ensuring continuous compatibility and effectiveness without any downtime.
Transparent Pricing and Rewards – With SecureCheats, what you see is what you get. Enjoy transparent pricing and benefit from our loyalty rewards program that offers discounts and exclusive offers to our returning customers.

War Thunder Hacks: Full Feature List

Our War Thunder cheats are crafted with high-level security and performance in mind, featuring a multi-processor external cheat system that operates with the utmost discretion. Utilizing a Ring0 driver for ESP mapping and precise mouse emulation, each element of our software—from the loader to the worker and the driver—is uniquely constructed with its own hash sums. This ensures a secure and unique connection via a designated port for optimal system communication.

Designed specifically for high-stakes gamers, our cheats are ideal for players with valuable accounts, including those with premium tanks worth $2000 or more. They provide peace of mind for streamers, esports professionals, and casual players alike, all of whom seek to excel and dominate in War Thunder without compromising account security.

Key features:

▶️ Streaming via OBS with game window capture (cheat no will be visible).
▶️ Convenient ESP on which the color is clear whether you can see the opponent, allowing you not to strain your eyes and play without listening, for example, with music.
▶️ Shooting across the map from any weapon (including initial fugazi at 2 or more km).
▶️ Shooting at aircraft (even anti-tank shells).
▶️ AIM and ballistics work on airplanes
▶️ Accurate dropping of bombs from any height and at non-standard turns
▶️ Upgrade to the game version on the day the changes are released

Important Cheat Functionality:

▶️ Ring0 Driver – Allows you to bypass anti-cheat and interact with the game.
▶️ Ring0 Loader – Allows you to run the custom driver without enabling developer mode or using USB.


▶️ Mouse activation – Activates by right-clicking the mouse.
▶️ Prediction manager – Predicts enemy position in time, works for any equipment.
▶️ Ballistic manager – Calculates ballistic correction, works for any projectiles and guns.
▶️ Smart humanizer – Dynamically calculates speed and trajectory of mouse pointing.
▶️ Shell updater – Transmits information about the current shell and gun, so AimBot works when firing from almost any vehicle (planes, tanks, ships).
▶️ Bomb prediction – Predicts the point of bomb fall.
▶️ Bomb power calculator – Calculates the radius of impact of each bomb in the game with an accuracy of up to one meter (Temporarily disabled on update).
▶️ Rocket controller – Calculates aiming point for rockets, works on all vehicles, including helicopters (Temporarily disabled on update).

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception):

▶️ Smart 3d boxes – three-dimensional cubes with only visible edges rendered.
▶️ Visibility check – ESP color changes depending on whether the enemy is visible or not.
▶️ Cache manager – shows the enemy in white color even when there is no information about him from the server.
▶️ Distance & Vehicle name – shows the distance to the enemy and the name of his vehicle
▶️ Aim point – shows the line and the point where you need to shoot to hit the enemy. It is also named aimbot.
▶️ Out-of-screen warning – Shows enemies out of view in the form of a bar.
▶️ Fps manager – Controls the number of ESP frames, allows you to run the software on weak PCs with low frequency.
▶️ Randomizer & Focus manager – Generates a random window name and hides it from anti-chit, as well as when the game window is inactive.
▶️ MSAA 4X – Smooths lines, removes so-called “laddering”, makes ESP more beautiful, can be disabled on weak PCs.
▶️ VSYNC – Synchronizes ESP frame rate with monitor frequency.

War Thunder Hacks for Download with aimbot and ESP
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Optimize Your Accuracy with Our War Thunder Aimbot Hack

Experience unparalleled targeting accuracy with the SecureCheats War Thunder Aimbot, tailored for the specific challenges and opportunities presented by War Thunder’s realistic combat environments. With precise targeting algorithms, our aimbot ensures that every shot counts, enhancing your effectiveness across all modes of play.

Unleash Precision in Every Shot:
Our aimbot is fine-tuned for War Thunder’s complex damage models and vehicle dynamics. It intuitively targets critical vulnerabilities on enemy planes and tanks, such as fuel tanks and ammo storage, ensuring that each hit delivers maximum impact. This strategic edge is crucial in scenarios like tank confrontations in the Battle of Kursk map or aerial dogfights over the Pacific.

Customizable for Strategic Advantage:
Adjust our aimbot to suit your tactical approach. Whether you’re piloting a nimble Spitfire or commanding a formidable Tiger tank, you can configure the aimbot for either dispersed rapid-fire or concentrated damage, depending on your target and combat role. This flexibility is invaluable during varied mission types and objectives, from historical battles to full-realism engagements.

Seamless Integration and Stealth Operation:
Designed to integrate flawlessly with War Thunder’s gameplay, our aimbot operates smoothly, mirroring natural aiming movements to avoid detection. This is essential for maintaining the integrity of your gameplay, especially in competitive scenarios and ranked matches where discretion is as crucial as performance.

Enhance Your Role as a Team Player:
Beyond personal performance, our aimbot enhances your role in team strategies. Provide suppressive fire, cover allies effectively during coordinated assaults, or take out high-value targets with confidence. In War Thunder’s squadron battles, being a reliable sharpshooter can make the difference between victory and defeat.

The SecureCheats Aimbot enhances your control and precision, making each combat encounter more effective and enjoyable. Embrace a more consistent and successful gameplay experience with our specialized War Thunder aimbot cheat.

War Thunder advanced Aimbot with auto fire features

Advanced ESP Features for War Thunder

Secure your tactical advantage with SecureCheats’ ESP for War Thunder, a powerful hack tool designed to enhance your battlefield awareness and strategic execution. Our ESP provides real-time data about enemy movements, vehicle statuses, and critical battlefield conditions, helping you make informed decisions quickly.

Key Benefits of Using Our ESP:

  1. Enemy Positioning Insights: Instantly know the locations of enemy forces, even when they are behind cover or obscured by terrain. This allows for strategic planning and ambush setups, essential in maps with complex environments like the dense forests of Eastern Europe or urban landscapes.
  2. Vehicle Status Information: Gain detailed insights into the status of enemy vehicles, including their health, type, and even crew details. This information is invaluable when deciding which targets to engage and with what weaponry, ensuring optimal resource usage during combat.
  3. Enhanced Situational Awareness: Keep track of all significant battlefield elements at a glance. Our ESP helps you stay aware of ally positions, enemy movements, and critical points of interest, which is crucial for coordinating attacks or defending key objectives effectively.
  4. Customizable Visuals: Tailor the ESP visuals to fit your needs. Choose from different overlay options to display the information in a way that complements your play style, ensuring the data enhances your gameplay without overwhelming you.
  5. Stealth and Safety: Designed with stealth in mind, our ESP operates without drawing attention, ensuring you can rely on it even in the most competitive settings. It integrates seamlessly with War Thunder’s mechanics, maintaining your account’s safety while providing a significant competitive edge.

Strategic Use Cases for our War Thunder Hacks:

In a high-stakes game like War Thunder, knowledge is as powerful as firepower. Whether you’re coordinating a flanking maneuver with your squad in Ground Forces or leading a bombing run in an Aviation match, our ESP provides you with the data needed to execute your strategies flawlessly. It’s particularly useful in realistic and simulator battle modes, where visual cues are limited and situational awareness is critical.

Equip yourself with the best in game-enhancement technology and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

War Thunder ESP hack to find enemies, weapons and vehicles
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Benefits Of Using Our Hacks for War Thunder

With SecureCheats, accelerate your progression in War Thunder. Our hacks enable quicker unlocks and access to advanced game features, allowing you to experience high-tier gameplay without the exhaustive grind. Enjoy the thrill of piloting elite aircraft or commanding advanced tanks that would normally take hundreds of hours to access.

Our War Thunder hacks enhance your overall gameplay experience by shifting the focus from repetitive grinding to strategic planning and execution. With tools like aimbots and ESP, you can make informed decisions faster and execute complex tactics that can be the difference between victory and defeat. This strategic depth enriches your engagements and interactions on every map and mode.

War Thunder offers an array of vehicles and tactics, but exploring these can often be limited by the slow progression of unlocking new units and equipment. Our hacks empower you to bypass these limitations, providing the freedom to experiment with a variety of combat styles and strategies. Whether it’s testing the capabilities of different aircraft in aerial dogfights, mastering naval tactics with various ships, or understanding the nuances of armored warfare, SecureCheats gives you the liberty to explore and master all facets of the game.

Safety is our top priority at SecureCheats. Our War Thunder hacks are crafted to be undetectable, ensuring that you can enjoy all the benefits without compromising your account’s security. With continuous updates and robust anti-detection measures, you can rely on SecureCheats to keep your gameplay both competitive and secure.

Getting Started with War Thunder Hacks at SecureCheats

Enhance your gameplay with SecureCheats by following this straightforward guide on how to purchase, install, and effectively integrate our War Thunder hacks.

Step 1: Purchasing Your Hack

  1. In the War Thunder product section above, choose the license option that best fits your needs: 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days.
  2. Click on the corresponding ‘Purchase Now’ button for your chosen license duration.
  3. Proceed to checkout and complete the payment process. After confirming your purchase, you will receive an email with a download link and a unique license key.

Step 2: Installing the Hack

  1. Download the hack from the provided link.
  2. Ensure your system meets the following requirements:
    • Processors: Intel & AMD
    • Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 (x32/x64) with administrator rights
    • Game Mode: Must be set to windowed or frameless for optimal performance
    • Supported Game Version: Steam, playable
  3. Run the installer and enter your license key when prompted.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 3: Integrating Hacks into Gameplay

  1. Launch War Thunder in windowed or frameless mode.
  2. Activate the hack using the hotkey specified in the installation guide.
  3. Adjust settings and configurations through the user-friendly interface to match your gameplay style.
  4. Start a game session and enjoy enhanced gameplay with your new strategic tools.

Tips for Integrating Hacks without Disrupting Gameplay

  • Start with subtle settings to get accustomed to the enhancements without overwhelming your play.
  • Gradually integrate more powerful features as you become comfortable with the basic functionalities.
  • Always ensure the invisibility setting is enabled to maintain discretion during online matches.

Software Operation Requirements and Specifications

  • Project Type: External
  • Invisibility on Video: Yes, supports invisibility on streaming or recording software.
  • Run from Flash Drive: Not supported.
  • HWID Spoofer: Not included.

By following these steps and adhering to the recommended settings, you can maximize the benefits of our War Thunder hacks while maintaining a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Dive into the action with confidence and strategic superiority with SecureCheats!

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