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Call of Duty: Vanguard

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Vanguard Cheat in Action

Call of Duty Vanguard Hacks By SecureCheats

Call of Duty Vanguard has been an iconic installment in the COD series due to the historical importance surrounding the game. Initially developed by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision. COD Vanguard was released for play on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Set in the second World War players undergo an immersive primeval combat experience that took place between the years 1939 to 1945. Players will fight their way to victory in this thrilling 18th installment across the Eastern and Western fronts of Europe, The Pacific and North Africa.

SecureCheats released the first-ever Call of Duty Vanguard Hacks for the entire game just hours after the release. We take immense pride in the fact that our cheat products remain undetected. But that’s not all, we are at the forefront of innovation and game enhancement development. Looking to increase your low K/D ratio? Or maybe you simply want to make gaming more exciting while completely dominating your enemies on the battlefield? Then we recommend that you test out our COD Vanguard Hacks to maximize your gameplay with legitimate features including an Aimbot, ESPs, Wallhacks and Radar Hacks.

Our Vanguard cheat is compatible with our HWID Spoofer to ensure that your Hardware ID remains completely undetected. If you have had a previous ban then you can use our HWID Changer to instantly get back into the game. We also have a supported COD Vanguard Unlocker product that unlocks all items such as operators, weapons skins and more.

SecureCheats COD Vanguard hacks

What are the Hack requirements? 👨🏼‍💻

⮞ Supported Win10 all builds
⮞ Supported Win11 all builds
⮞ Secure Boot Off in BIOS
⮞ Anti-Virus software uninstalled
⮞ Runs Fullscreen, Bordered, or Windowed

What happens after my purchase? 💌

A few seconds after successful payment verification, you’ll automatically receive your download and unlock key in the “MY ACCOUNT” section of our website as well as an Email. Your account will contain your COD Vanguard Hack download, your product key and a step-by-step tutorial.

Can I get banned using this Hack? 🔐

Our COD Vanguard Hack is undetected since its release in 2022. However, you can get banned due to in-game reports by other players if they suspect you cheating. We recommend not playing too obviously in order to avoid mass player reports.

What’s your refund policy? ♻️

We offer refunds for keys which haven’t been used/entered. Keys which have been entered can’t be refunded.

Hacks by SecureCheats

The Best Vanguard Hacks: Trusted, Rich-Features & Affordable

When playing online first-person shooter games such as COD Vanguard, you might be tempted to use hacks or cheats that will allow you to gain a competitive advantage. Before choosing any specific cheat product to download, it’s important for beginners to know what kind of skills they’re bringing in and how those skills can best work together for the game at hand.

There are many different ways to use cheats for COD Vanguard, and you have to decide what fits your playstyle best. Some players may feel more comfortable and achieve greater results by simply running around the map while utilizing our aimbot for Vanguard to achieve instant kills by means of precision-based firing capabilities and features such as no-recoil.

On the other hand, some players may prefer a more tactical enhancement to improve their gameplay whether that is from an offensive or defensive viewpoint. Having more information about their enemies and where they can expect to encounter them, can be majorly beneficial as this will make it a lot easier for you to avoid getting killed. A more methodical COD gamer would want to use the features offered by our ESPs and wallhacks to make intuitive decisions regarding their next move.

The best cheats for you depend on your individual strengths and weaknesses. If firing is an area in which a player has more a significant advantage, hacks can help to compensate by providing additional information about enemy locations. Aimbots allow players who are well-acquainted with the game to catch up on mechanics and still win against those that don’t use it, since they can benefit from their knowledge of specific strategies.

Either way, you can be certain that the team at SecureCheats has your best interests in mind. We invest significant capital and resources to ensure that our Vanguard hacks are top-class, we match that with undeniable attention to detail as well as a vast support team that is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or problems that you may encounter.

✩ Our Call of Duty Vanguard Cheat comes with a full Unlock All option for every weapon, operator skin, and more.


 Aimbot FOV/Radius
 Aimbot Smoothing
 Aimbot Lock Delay
 Hitbox/Bone Selection
 Ignore Knockouts
 Visibility Check
 Bullet Drop Prediction
 Aimbot Key Selection
 Mouse/Controller Support


 Box ESP
 Skeleton Wallhack
 Healthbar ESP
 Nickname ESP
 Distance ESP
 Visibility Check
 Max ESP Distance Slider
 Aimbot Target ESP
 Hide/Show Friendlies on ESP

Radar & Misc

⮞ Enemies always on Minimap
⮞ Radar ignores Ghost Perk
⮞ Show only enemies on Radar
⮞ Show friendlies on Radar
Draw Aimbot Crosshair
⮞ Includes COD Unlocker
⮞ Stream-Proof on XSplit
⮞ Stream-Proof on TwitchStudio

Hacking in Vangaurd 2022

Aimbot for COD Vanguard

The SecureCheats aimbot hack for Vanguard gathers your enemies’ physical location and then uses that to lock onto them through the utilization of an advanced skeletal bounding box. This means you will still be locked on even if they move out of the way, essentially trapping your target with no immediate escape. The Vanguard aimbot has a variety of features including Aimbone: Select the aim bone, FOV: Select Field of View, Recoil Control: Select weapon recoil, Smoothing: Set how smooth the aimbot snaps, Auto Swap: Auto swap weapons and Prediction: Makes aimbot more accurate.

Why would anyone want to use an aimbot? Well, that’s because it can make you a better player at games like COD Vanguard. It analyzes the intricacy of firing mechanics in the game and knows exactly where your opponents are so all you have to do is to point in their direction for guaranteed hits.

ESPs combined with an aimbot can check friendlies in the area and make sure there are no other enemies around before locking on. These are some alternative methods used to make an aimbot appear realistic, but you still have the option to use advanced configuration options if needed.

Of course, aimbot hacks for Vanguard have several limiting features to ensure that it isn’t quite as obvious that you’re cheating. For example, if your enemy moves behind cover and you can no longer see any of their hitboxes, the aimbot will automatically unlock from them so that it doesn’t look like you’re tracking them through walls. If you want to be sneaky about it, set your aimbot’s sensitivity so that it doesn’t automatically snap onto targets. This will make your aiming and gameplay look more natural and more human in nature, compared to the alternative of having a lower sensitivity.

The Vanguard aimbot cheat also has a FOV setting that you should pay attention to since it will determine the field of view (in degrees) your aimbot operates in. Most gamers keep their settings at about 90 degrees because this ensures they won’t lock on targets outside their cone of vision which would look pretty suspect.

Nobody will ever suspect a thing if you set your aimbot to shoot for enemy torsos and rack up headshots. This way, not only do people think that you’re good at aiming (if they see the number of headshot trophies on your screen), but it’s also harder for them to actually tell what part of their body is getting hit by bullets because there are no blood splatters or other indicators when shooting center mass instead of heads. Either way, an aimbot game enhancement can help you achieve the sort-after leaderboard positions in the top 10 with ease.

Using aimbots in COD Vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard Wallhack and ESP

ESPs in COD Vanguard or any first-person multiplayer shooter for that matter, can have the ability to give you an outstanding advantage on the battlefield. Do you lack effective strategic decision-making? Do you battle to find weapon locations on cash on the battlefield? Our ESP features are fully comprehensive and offer a range of solutions to improve you gameplay and stay one step ahead of your competition. ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) and Wallhacks are integrated solutions, they allow you to see through walls, depending on the options in your config menu. For example, you can set the ESP will show enemies with a glow behind them when they’re nearby.

The Call of Duty Vanguard ESP is an extremely helpful and useful cheat that provides you with all the information about enemies, allies, and items around the map. The ESP will even allow you to see where hidden objectives are so that players can gain an advantage over opponents in multiplayer matches. Ever wish you could find the best weaponry on the battlefield? Or even loot that was simply left behind? Well our ESP will do just that.

Other ESPs will feature a skeletal representation of your enemy, allowing you to see their limbs and the direction they are moving in. Finally, some ESPs even allow you to see the hitboxes of your enemies so that you know exactly where to aim when someone is coming around the corner for a surprise attack.

ESPs and Wallhacks enable you to close in on the action for a more immersive gameplay experience. Many ESPs come with an adjustable distance setting that allows players to adjust how much information is presented as they play, which can help them better understand what’s happening around them without feeling overwhelmed by all of the detailed data. To ensure your screen isn’t cluttered by enemies who aren’t in your immediate combat area, lower the distance at which your ESP operates. All our products are highly customizable, so you have complete control and flexibility.

Finally, the SecureCheats ESP will also include detailed information about your target including their name, health remaining and even what kind of weapon they have equipped. This info can allow you to determine the most optimal engagement conditions in advance.

Radar Hack for Call of Duty Vanguard

The SecureCheats radar hack is very similar to the ESP and wallhack in Vanguard, One of the best aspects about utilizing radar hacks is that you can customize them to an almost endless degree. You can change your enemies’ and allies’ icons, or even alter their color using RGB scale with our radar cheats. The radar’s sole purpose is to reveal the unseen, you already know the unknown, and with this outstanding hack feature for Vanguard, you will be able to locate the special items without the immense trouble and time it usually takes.

The radar hack ESP not only helps to keep your resources safe, by not getting killed, but it will assist you in discovering battleground scattered special items without much trouble. Not only do the radar and ESP help you with weaponry and loot-finding capabilities, but they also locate and track enemies precisely while pinpointing supplies in the war zone, This allows you to customize your combat strategy for the most effectiveness. Our hacks for Vanguard are specifically designed to ensure they work without arousing suspicion from various anti-cheat programs. The setup and operation thereof are seamless and effortless.

As we have mentioned, radar hacks are a lot like ESPs because they show you enemy and allied positions without having to get a kill streak. However, the difference is that radar cheats allow your map to be slightly different from what it actually looks like. Some see enemies on an overlay placed over their HUD instead of directly in front of them as with normal minimaps. You can also alter the size of your radar display, as well as its opacity so that you maintain a maximum level of situational awareness while keeping track of enemies around you.

ESP & Wallhack to win in Vanguard
Hacks by SecureCheats

COD Warzone Cheats: Why Do Gamers Use Them?

Aimbot users or cheaters in online first-person shooter games like Call of Duty Vanguard love the feeling they get when they hack in-game with enhancements because it gives them power over other players. Being able to gain an advantage without any opposition is every gamer’s dream so that’s why many people use hack downloads in Vanguard which grants them significant advantages over their opponents.

Cheating in games is like asking why the sky is blue. You’ll get a ton of different answers and perspectives, but there’s no definite answer for either one. The truth about cheating in gaming varies from person to person – some might do it because they’re addicted or think that their life will be better if they win more often while others become hackers out of sheer curiosity or frustration at being beaten by less talented players than themselves.

People play games for a variety of reasons, whether it’s to relieve stress or unwind after work. They enjoy the experience and don’t want anything to ruin their fun. Take advantage of hacks so you can fight enemies on an uneven playing field without worrying about losing every battle.

Undetectable COD Hacks For Vanguard 2022

We have been creating Call of Duty Hacks for over many years now, and SecureCheats prides itself in our extremely high customer retention rates. Stop worrying about getting banned while playing COD Vanguard because we do not use any detectable software. Our products undergo strict testing procedures to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Many players wonder why COD anti-cheat is necessary when EAC and BattlEye are both available over the counter. Activision has some good ideas behind implementing it, however, a new anti-cheat program means cheat makers have to adapt. Activision’s innovative COD anti-cheat solutions allowed the company to save money and invest in improving its software capabilities to bring an end to hacking in its games. Although cheats were quickly developed, it was a temporary advantage as Activision continued developing its own solution that would benefit them in future game releases while also saving time and resources on third-party options.

COD anti-cheat has had a pretty spotty history since it was first implemented. When the initial implementation came out, COD cheaters were able to circumvent this method and continue playing with game enhancements. After an adjustment period of time in which cheating continued happening at large scales, developers are still finding ways of detecting some forms of hacking today but have not been as successful recently as before.

Our developers have grown accustomed to working against COD anti-cheat and we’re sure that our team can circumvent it for the foreseeable future, barring any unexpected changes in their technology. Get ready and go view our shop for some exciting product developments and available solutions currently on the market.

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